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Unify Accountability: Turn Resolutions Into Results

Accountability. What is it, and how does it help you with your fitness goals? Accountability can mean the difference between success and failure when you’re trying to make meaningful progress towards a healthier self.

An account is a record of an event or experience. Ability is the possession of the means or skill to do something. Put them together, and you have accountability, a willingness to take responsibility for one’s actions. Accountability cements the relationship between commitment and outcome, connecting “what I will do” and “what I have accomplished.” It provides validation that you are following through on your intentions.

The process of making impactful life changes has several components including the decision to make change, a commitment to implement actions that enact change, and the ability to sustain changed behaviors. While each step presents challenges, many people struggle most with the last part. It’s too easy to give up. Whether driven by distraction, boredom, busy-ness, or a fear of failure, good habits fall by the wayside, and bad habits return to take their place.

While studies predict failure for the majority of people who attempt fitness goals as resolutions, the individuals who do achieve success are the ones who persist past the decision and commitment phases, and maintain their new behaviors over the long term. How does a good start evolve into a consistent routine that produces change? What keeps a good thing going? It’s accountability. When individuals are held accountable for their actions, outcomes exceed expectations.

In other aspects of life, there are many factors that hold you accountable. In your job, it’s your boss or supervisor, your shareholders or clients, your reputation or work ethic. In your family, it’s your partner, parents, children, siblings, or spouse. True friends are a wonderful source of accountability. But when it comes to your personal health and wellness, it’s all on you. When your motivation runs out, what will keep you going? Just as in these other aspects of life, it’s the relationships that encourage accountability, that ensure you’ll deliver on your commitment.

Those relationships — and the accountability that connects your commitment to results — can be found at Unify Health and Fitness. You’ll develop relationships with professionals, including trainers, instructors, therapists and counselors, who are invested in your success. And you’ll encounter relationships with other individuals who are invested in a caring community that makes working out fun and rewarding.

The professionals at Unify will help you assess your current state, define future goals, and determine the steps to get you there. Based on your needs, they’ll schedule your workouts with a trainer who won’t let you give up, give in or back down. They won’t let your excuses stand in the way of your success. Unify provides the accountability that turns your resolutions into results.

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