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Here's what our clients say about UNIFY...


Unify is a great place to build yourself physically toward any goal you set. It's not just a gym but a support structure as well. The staff is beyond encouraging and ensures you get a curtailed workout that pushes and molds you into what you want to be. Have been to several gyms and there is no other place better.

-Jeff T   member since June 2020

Turning 60. i have been running for most of my life and began yoga about 3-4 years ago. My yoga instructor made the comment that we need to make sure that our upper body and lower body are equally strong . My daughter and her friend had been going to Unify for quite some time and having great success. i have been going since may (@5 months) and I am much stronger than I was before. It has made me a stronger runner and healthier all around. Also I am receiving so many compliments that I never received before! Trying on clothes is no longer depressing! The trainers are wonderful-very supportive and knowledgeable.

Great decision and worth every penny.

-Kathleen M   member since July 2021

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Unify is a wonderful place to work out and improve yourself; it is so much more than a gym. The staff is intimately involved in the health and fitness of their customers. Between personal and group training, physical therapy, massage therapy, yoga and nutrition, there is something for everyone that wants to improve their health and fitness. As a 60 year old male, after a year at Unify, I feel better today than I did 10-15 years ago. I can not say enough good things about the knowledge and caring of the Team Unify Staff.

-Randy G   member since May 2018

About 3 months ago, I made the decision to make my health a priority and began training at Unify. The owners Brian and Melissa have been wonderful since the day I inquired. They are always encouraging and have created a fabulous workout environment. I was matched with my trainer Kori who took the time to listen to my goals and apprehension about past workout programs. Unify also has an amazing nutrition program that I just completed. I learned that life isn’t about dieting but learning to fuel my body with right foods not just for my workouts but to feel good. All the morning trainers are always friendly and encouraging. Best decision I have made in a long time coming to Unify.

-Sarah B   member since September 2021


Unify has a great location right off 264, a bright and clean facility and offers a unique and holistic fitness experience - personal training, massage and physical therapy all on-site. I train regularly with Michele and Kristine who both motivate and challenge me and make it fun at the same time - but I love the option to sub another group if I miss a regular session. I love that Unify also offers cardio equipment, yoga and classes like HIIT and boot camp. Brian and Melissa are the best part though - they make Unify feel like family - a tough but loving family!! They provide accountability through regular assessments and daily encouragement. I am happy to be a part of the UNIFY family!

-Nancy S   member since August 2017

First class facility committed to member's health and well being. Since training with Melissa, my Type 2 Diabetes has gone into remission and have dropped several medications. I've also lost OVER 60lbs, and I ran my first 10k too!

-Jay S   member since January 2016

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