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The Finances of Fitness

We have lots of excuses for not working out and making our health and fitness a priority. For some, money is one of the biggest reasons. The cost of joining a gym, signing up for classes, hiring a trainer, or buying equipment and apparel can be burdensome, and even prohibitive. On the flip side, we realize that there are ample low cost and even free opportunities for pursuing fitness. The Internet abounds with free videos and workout blogs. Walking or running outdoors is always an option. Yet, we have plenty of excuses for not doing any of them of our own volition. Somehow we believe that if we invest a little bit of money in the process, we’ll be more motivated to follow through on our fitness ambitions.

But throwing money at the problem is not a solution. You can’t buy fitness. Health and well-being aren’t available for purchase; they have to be earned. But careful investment in products and services that effectively support you on your journey can be a valuable asset and help you achieve your goals.

Why a Gym Membership Doesn’t Pay Off

A traditional gym is often the first resource for those seeking fitness. They would seem to be a one-stop-shop solution, with a variety of fancy facilities. However, this comprehensive approach doesn’t come cheap. All those registration fees, monthly dues and restrictive contracts may give you access to fitness, with no guarantee that you’ll utilize the facility. The commitment from your bank account will long outlast your commitment to going in to the gym. When your excuses get the best of you and your interest wanes, your payments keep going strong. And if you’re not using the gym, why should you keep paying for it?

And the costs keep coming. A recent Wall Street Journal article entitled “Gyms Ditch Machines to Make Space for Free Weights” described how traditional health clubs are clearing out individual pieces of equipment like cardio and weight machines. Why? To make more room for personal and small-group training, which generate extra revenue for the gym. Members end up losing what they’ve paid for, and paying more for the extra added features.

But what about budget-minded options like the YMCA or local Rec center? They may seem like a bargain, with low annual fees. But, you get what you pay for. The extras aren’t included, and you can expect to spend even more for instruction and classes. Those ongoing costs add up if you participate regularly. You also find that you have to wait for a turn or fight for space at popular times at these budget facilities.

And paying less doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get more results. What will it take to ensure that you attend regularly, use the facilities, and work out sufficiently to achieve results? If you’re that motivated, why not save the money and work out for free at home? (Maybe you need to re-read the first paragraph of this article.)

Why Unify Fits the Bill

At Unify Health & Fitness, you’ll find a different story. You pay only for what you actually use — an effective, productive workout led by a certified professional in a top-notch facility. There’s no membership. You won’t pay extra fees for registration, enrollment, classes, dues or equipment, and you don’t end up carrying the cost for what other members do.

Yet you don’t lose out on the “extras.” When you want or need extra help like massage therapy or nutritional counseling, they are readily available. Want healthy meal delivery? You can get that at Unify. with convenient online ordering. Want variety in your workouts? You’ll find that, too. Every session is different, so you’ll never get bored.

You’ll still have anytime access to cardio equipment like you’d find in a big box gym. You’ll also be able to attend weekly classes like boot camp and yoga — at no additional charge. That’s right, they’re free. It’s all included. What about seminars and workshops? Also free. Instead of paying a membership, and then paying even more for extras, you only pay for your training, and the extras are included.

You’ll be astonished by all you’ll gain when you join Unify. When you commit to Unify, you’re committing to health and fitness, with results produced by workouts designed to meet your personal needs and goals. Train at your convenience, based on your schedule. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish when you challenge yourself, encouraged by a team of caring professionals and a community of supportive members.

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