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We give a lot of thought to finding the right fit when it comes to clothes, shoes, cars, homes, schools and jobs. When it’s a good fit, it feels right and you’re able to accomplish your goals. When it’s a bad fit, it feels wrong, no matter how hard you try to make it work. When something is a good fit, you feel confident and productive. When you don’t fit in, you feel uncomfortable and uncertain.

When choosing a fitness facility, it’s just as important to find the right fit. If your gym or workout routine is a bad fit, you simply won’t make use of it. You’ll find every excuse in the book not to work out. But when it’s a good fit, your commitment to fitness becomes a priority. You’re eager to attend workouts, striving to achieve your goals, and willing to challenge yourself to reach even further. You’ll defeat your excuses, rather than letting them defeat you.

The business model for most gyms and fitness facilities is one-size-fits-all. They build them bigger and better, offer more options and amenities. And that’s great for many fitness fanatics, who fit in anywhere with ease. But for other individuals, it’s just not a good fit. The equipment, layout, schedules and selections are designed to benefit the majority, not to meet your personal needs. These gyms want you to fit their model.

Unify, on the other hand, exists to fit you. Workouts are customized for your personal capabilities and optimized to achieve your personal goals. They are scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. Their professional staff will guide, encourage, motivate, coax, prompt, lead, and challenge you through a variety of workout routines, providing an experience that is enjoyable and productive. They will accommodate any limitations or injuries, overcome any excuses or attitudes, and ensure that your are performing at optimal levels to produce results.

You’re not one of hundreds of members, anonymous in a giant megagym full of strangers. Rather, you become a part of a small but strong community where you’ll feel welcome and supported. Want a more private experience where you can work on your personal goals? One-on-one training fits the bill. Looking for a social experience where you can develop relationships? Unify will place you a small group where you can fit in. Or perhaps you seek a combination of both. Whether you’re looking to change to a healthier lifestyle, trying to reinforce your existing habits, or wanting to take your current routine up a notch, you will find the individualized approach at Unify a perfect fit.

What do you want in a fitness facility? If you’re going to spend money on a program for working out, make sure it’s a good fit. Contact Unify today to try it on for size and see how it fits you.

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