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5 Ways to Start Your Day with More Veggies

You know they’re good for you. Since you were a kid, your mama always told you, “Eat your vegetables.” The fact is that plant-based foods like fruits and vegetables are good for you, packed with all the things that your body needs -- like vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and disease-fighting phytochemicals -- without giving you any of the bad stuff that harms your body, like excess fat, sugar or preservatives.

For many people, it’s no problem to eat vegetables later in the day, for lunch or dinner. But few are in the habit of starting the day with a serving of veggies. They just don’t fit with common breakfast favorites like cereals, eggs or pastries. Yet think what an advantage you’d gain if you added a serving of vegetables to your breakfast routine. More nutrients and more fiber to sustain you straight through til lunch, and fewer empty calories that leave you feeling drained and hungry for a snack by mid-morning.

So how can you incorporate vegetables into your breakfast? Here are just a few ideas.

1. Smoothies

It’s easy to sneak vegetables into a smoothie. Not only do they add a nutritional punch, but they also provide eye-popping color to help you wake up your senses. Don’t worry if you’re not crazy about the flavor of vegetables; you won’t even notice them when combined with tasty fruits. Try these colorful combinations.

Beet-Strawberry Smoothie

Carrot, Coconut and Orange Smoothie

Kale Smoothie with Pineapple and Banana

2. Salsas

Like a little spice in the morning? Salsa tastes great with eggs, and it’s an easy way to add a variety of veggies. Wrap it all up in a tortilla for a breakfast burrito, or just spoon a few tablespoons over your scramble.

Chopped Vegetable Salsa

Sweet Black Bean and Corn Salsa

Broccoli Stalk Salsa Verde

3. Sandwiches

No time to sit down and eat breakfast? Eat on the go! Assemble a breakfast sandwich and take it with you. There are infinite options and combinations. You can make vegetables the star of your sandwich, by using a veggie patty as the base, or enhance standard breakfast favorites like eggs, bacon or sausage by accessorizing with vegetables.

Veggie & Cheese Bagel

Veggie Packed Freezer Ready Breakfast Sandwiches

BLAT (Bacon-Lettuce-Avocado-Tomato) Sandwiches

Scrambled Chickpea and Spinach Pitas

4. Scrambles and Skillets

If you prefer a more traditional breakfast, amping up your eggs may be the most palatable way to start your day. It’s easy to sneak some veggies into eggs with an omelette or frittata. Plan ahead by roasting some vegetables for dinner the night before, then scramble leftovers into your eggs in the morning. Try cubed sweet potatoes, zucchini, asparagus, mushrooms, or red peppers. Or branch out with something a bit more exotic: shakshuka is a Middle Eastern dish that traditionally features eggs poached in a tomato sauce.

Roasted Vegetable and Goat Cheese Quiche

Legacy Vegetable Scrambler

Green Eggs and Ham Cups

Vegetable Shakshuka with Pesto

5. Salads

Salad for breakfast? It may sound strange, but don’t knock it til you try it. Instead of a bowl of cereal and milk, fill your bowl with whole grains and greens! Make salads more suitable for morning by choosing options with a touch of sweetness, such as fruit or yogurt. Or combine greens and eggs to maximize the nutritional benefit of both foods; recent studies have found that eating vegetables together with cooked eggs boosted the absorption of valuable nutrients in the vegetables.

Blueberry Breakfast Salad

Citrus-Kale Salad

Bacon and Egg Breakfast Salad

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