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A Day in the Life of a UNIFY Client..

What is it like to be a member at Unify Health & Fitness Studio?

Here's a glimpse of a typical day.

You look at your calendar and see that you have a workout scheduled at Unify.

Working out at Unify isn’t something to dread, it’s something that you look forward to. You can’t wait to see your trainer, and catch up with your workout buddies. Even if you weren’t excited about your workout, there’s no point in trying to get out of it.

No excuses. You can picture your trainer’s face if you try to back out.

You love that the trainers hold you accountable and ensure that you show up for your workouts. Left to your own devices, you’d do anything to get out of going to the gym. Instead, it’s on your schedule, and you’ve already set aside the time to commit to your health and well-being. Get ‘er done!

Better get there early and do some cardio.

With access to top-notch equipment, there’s no reason not to squeeze in some fat-burning cardio before or after your workout. Get your heart pumping and maximize your workout. You can even go in on your days off and hit the treadmill or elliptical.

Soon after you arrive, your workout buddies show up.

Whether you work out one-on-one with a trainer or in a small group, you feel like part of a community at Unify. Everyone is so friendly and you look forward to catching up with them.

Time to work out. Maybe we’ll ease into it with something light.

What does your trainer have planned for you today? At Unify, every workout is unique and different, so it never gets old. Your trainer creates a workout plan specifically tailored to your needs and goals, constantly evaluating and evolving as you progress.

But then your trainer starts off with a round of power squats. Ready, go!

It’s always challenging! What’s the point of working out if you’re not going to see results?

You can do anything for one minute, right? Wait, are they watching the time?

That one minute interval can feel like an eternity! But you keep it going.

Your trainer says, “Great job! That was round one!”

What? We’re going again?

Luckily, you get a chance to catch your breath.

Before you start a new exercise, your trainer demonstrates the proper technique. The trainers at Unify always ensure that you are doing the exercise properly, to avoid injury and maximize the benefit to your body.

The circuit starts over again.

Do you feel that burning in your glutes?

Do you need a water break?

You think, “Is this ever going to end?

Don’t give up now! Even though you’re feeling exhausted, you’ve almost made it. With a little encouragement from your trainer and your workout buddies, you’ll finish strong.

Finally your trainer says, “One more round and we’ll stretch it out.”

You’ve got this! You’ve come this far, you can make it through one more round. The cool down is coming! Stretching after a workout returns your heart rate to normal, promotes circulation so your muscles and recover and repair after the workout, and prevents the buildup of lactic acid so you won’t be sore tomorrow.

Then your trainer brings you a cold towel to conclude the workout.

You don’t get this kind of treatment at every gym! That cold towel at the end of a workout feels like heaven, and smells really good too! It’s these little amenities that make Unify a special place.

Maybe you’ll schedule a massage for later in the week.

It may seem like an indulgent treat, but massage therapy has lots of benefits, such as injury prevention, performance enhancement, and pain reduction. And with massage services available on site, it’s so easy to schedule a convenient treatment that not only feels great, but is targeted to your specific needs.

Or maybe you'll try the yoga class.

When you work out at Unify, you have access to a variety of weekly fitness classes like yoga, HIIT and boot camp -- at no additional cost! Why not maximize your fitness your routine, for free?

How does it feel to be a member at Unify? Pretty great!

There’s nothing better than the amazing way you feel after a workout at Unify. You’re ready to take on the world, feeling -- and looking -- your best. See you next time!

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