I am a Certified Exercise Physiologist and Nutritionist from West Virginia University. Coming to you as a highly experienced personal and group trainer, I am here and ready for you to have a healthier lifestyle. I have worked at many levels over my fitness career as well as working with a wide verity of age groups. If you are serious about your goals, I can help get you where you want to be. 

Anyone with self belief and the desire to work hard can achieve what your mind believes. Too many of us aren't living our dreams and having the body or health we want because we are in fear of moving outside our comfort zone. I am here to help you step out of that zone and into a better future. If you see a vision of where you want to be, with my help and your work ethic, we will make it happen! 

Whether its staying healthy, losing weight, rehab, getting ready for a bodybuilding show, or getting your full range of motion back I am here to help. Here at Unify I believe in making dreams come true and having my clients have a healthy and amazing life, so come see me! 


195 S. Rosemont Rd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
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